California Auto Insurance Companies

Managing your way through different California auto insurance companies can be a challenge, especially if you are either new to the state or new to the particular form of insurance.  For millions of California residents, figuring out auto insurance can be a big hassle.  Many are paying far more for their auto insurance then they should be. Compared to the national average, California residents pay far more to operate their car spending nearly $2,000 a year.  Let’s review information on ways you can learn more about these insurance companies, protect yourself by understanding the legal laws they operate in, and saving money as well.


Know Where To Look

If you are a beginner, then there are two great sources for you to learn about California auto insurance.  The first is the California DMV website.  It lists information on the basic legal minimal insurance requirements to drive in the state.  Also, will list California insurance quotes that are right for you. Both sources will provide you with a run through of terminology, policy plans, and where to look for insurance.


Check Insurance Company Codes & Other Options

The California government must authorize every company that wants to sell insurance legally in the state.  The Insurance Company Codes is a document the state releases every year and it includes every company licensed to work within the state.  It includes the full business name, where the business is located, whom it sells insurance to, and a 3 digit code that can be used to look them up.  If the insurance provide you are using does not have a code on their website or refuses to give one to you, then consider going with a different provider as they may not be legally allowed to operate in the state.

Work On Securing The Best Quote From California Auto Insurance Companies

Want to save a lot of money?  Spend 3 hours carefully organizing and writing down the insurance sub-categories you will want as well as how much coverage you will want included.  From there, carefully review your options.  You will want to get free quotes and then compare them based on who offers the best deal.  From there, go with whatever choice you feel most comfortable with.